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  Daut, Jul 24 2019

Been playing and studying a little poker lately and wanted to talk hands/strategies/whatever over with any midstakes players who are still around.

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Poker Computer Recommendations
  Daut, Dec 18 2017

Right now I have a 5 year old macbook pro which isn't suited for poker, and want to buy a laptop more geared towards poker.

Need recommendations for laptops, and also for all the necessary software I need, such as PIO, monkersolver, etc. Thanks!

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BTC Giveaway #2
  Daut, Aug 17 2016

Wrote another blog, this time on my 2nd WPT TV final table and how it was the most devastated I've been in poker despite cashing for nearly $200,000.

This time I'll give away .25 bitcoins to 1 lucky person to avoid paying out all over the place and ill be able to send bitcoins wherever the one person wants. Same deal as last time, head over, upvote the post, ask a question (I won't see the like), and post your username here. Will run the giveaway until the post pays out, which it is scheduled to do in 21 hours, then ill randomize a winner.

For people who didn't participate last time:

So here's what you need to do:
1. Go register an account at
2. go to this thread:
upvote, follow me, and leave a comment
3. post your username on this forum

I'll explain more about the steem model in this thread as I've learned a lot more over the past week. Will be a few hours from now, decided to play some poker and can't multitask quite that well.

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